Newangie® RF Ems Face Skin Tightening Machine - EMS3

Brand: Newangie 
Technology: RF+HILFES
Screen: 7 inch touch screen
Pad quantity: 5 pads
Magnetic vibration intensity: 1Tesla
RF Power:30W
RF Frequency: 1MHz
Cooling System: Air cooling
Application: Full Face Tightening, Wrinkle Removal
Target Area: Eyes, Neck/Throat, Face
Certification: CE 
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Newangie® RF Ems Face Skin Tightening Machine - EMS3

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The Newangie® RF EMS Face Skin Tightening Machine is an advanced beauty device designed to provide effective skin tightening and rejuvenation treatments.

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- Non-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic surgery

- No needles and no invasions

- No fillers and toxins

- New experience and comfort

- Reduces wrinkles

- Lifting of sagging skin

- Slimming and contouring of the face

-Increase collagen and elastin

- Simple 20-minute treatment

-No manual manipulation required

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How Does it Work?

Newangie EMSface is the unique device on the market utilizing the simultaneous application of both the Synchronized RF and HI-EMT. Synchronized HI-EMT remodels & smooths skin by heating the dermis and increasing the levels of collagen and elastin fibers. While the HI-EMT technology restores & elevates support of facial tissues by selectively contracting muscles and increasing density & quality of muscle structure.

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Newangie RF Ems Face Skin Tightening Machine suitable for the following areas that benefit from either increased muscle tone and/or enhanced tissue/skin heating:

Forehead wrinkles (frontalis muscle, which may improve brow position)

Cheeks (zygomaticus major, zygomaticus minor, and risorius muscles, which may lead to jowl improvement, cheek lifting, and jawline refinement)


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