For Spa And Beauty Salon

Newangie have a complete solution for successful spa business, that consists of: great equipment, marketing and customer service support.

Newangie have a complete working tool for spa owners and aestheticians to improve and boost their business. Choose Newangie is a smart decision to grow beauty businesses at all stages - new or established.
It effective skin and body results that lead to happy and loyal clientele as well as a deep marketing understanding for successful spa business development that leads to stable and increasing profitability.

Our mission:

Our mission is to make every Spa Owner and Aesthetic Professional succeed in their businesses using Newangie equipment and marketing support.
  Business Stability;
  Profits;
  Clientele Growth.

For Distributor

100% Warranty
We have 100% confident in the high quality and reliability of our system. Lifetime after-sales.

Enjoy preferential purchasing prices unique to agents, making it easier to sell and better value for money.

Rich Experience
We are working with beauty products for 15+ years.