Newangie® 4 Handles EMS RF Muscle Lifting Machine - EMS9

Technology: EMS +RF
Handles: Four Handles
Function: Muscle Sculpt, Fat Burn, Buttock Lifting, Weight Loss
Application: Beauty salon, clinic, spa, center
Certification: CE approved
  • EMS9

  • Newangie


4 Handles EMS RF Muscle Lifting Machine, a cutting-edge device designed to elevate your workout experience. This innovative machine combines the power of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and Radio Frequency (RF) technology to target and sculpt your muscles effectively.


4 Handles Design: This machine comes equipped with four handles, allowing you to target multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Whether you're focusing on arms, legs, abdomen, or back, this versatile system has you covered.

EMS Technology: Electrical Muscle Stimulation activates muscle contractions, enhancing your workout by engaging muscles at a deeper level. This leads to improved muscle tone and strength.

RF Technology: Radio Frequency technology promotes skin tightening and collagen production. Experience firmer and more youthful skin as you tone your muscles.

How It Works:

Choose the targeted muscle group.

Adjust the intensity level according to your comfort.

Let the EMS and RF technologies work together to enhance your workout.

Experience the benefits of improved muscle tone and skin tightening.



Elevate your fitness routine with the 4 Handles EMS RF Muscle Lifting Machine. Unleash the power of advanced technology for a sculpted and toned physique.


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