Rf Tightening Lift EMS Facial Electromagnetic Stimulation Machine

Technology: RF+HI-EMS
pad quantity: 7 pads
RF power :30W
Cooling System: Air cooling 
HI-EMS :3 working modes
Functions: anti-aging, face lifting,skin tightening
Treatment area: forehead, eyes, cheek,double chin, neck
output power: 550VA
  • EMS10(新款)

  • Newangie


What is Pulse Lift?

PULSE LIFT is a needle-free, 20 minute treatment that emits both synchronized RF (radiofrequency) and ems (high inten-sity facial electrical stimulation) energies to simultaneously aect skin, connective tissue, and muscle. Before PULSE LIFT, surgery was the only modality able to lift facial muscles.


Advantages of EMS Muscle Lift Aesthetic Machine:

* Non-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic surgery

* No needles and no invasions

* No fillers and toxins

* New experience and comfort

* Reduces wrinkles

* Lifting of sagging skin

* Slimming and contouring of the face

* Increase collagen and elastin

* Simple 20-minute treatment

* No manual manipulation required


What are the benefits of EMS RF pulse lift facial machine?

It creates lift, restores volume, and reduces fine lines in the face

1. Skin lifting & tightening

2. Wrinkle removal

3. Muscle lifting

4. Increase muscle tone& elasticity

5. Regenerate elastin& collagen


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