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Newangie is a leading brand of beauty equipment. High quality products are the start of our cooperation.
Since we established in the year 2008, regional distributing partners have played a vital role in facilitating and supporting the sale of our products in world markets. We are proud to have built an ever-expanding network of outstanding distribution partners, expanding Newangie products to more countries all over the world, and we are well ready to serve as many customers as possible.

We are currently inviting more partners to join us as our resellers, allowing us to bring our products to more markets. By joining us, you'll get more than just exclusive discounts and our best technology and comprehensive service support.

Newangie doesn't only provide equipments, but also we are consultant for spa owners and beauticians to improve and boost their business. The perfectly balanced synergy of safety technology, stylish design and a deep understanding of marketing has resulted in stable and growing profitability for the development of our successful beauty business. We already have loyal partners from all over the world: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Japan, Chile, etc.
We also have our own industrial park with an area of160 million square meters with independent property rights and more than 300 employees. The capable team has laid a solid foundation for our strong factory manufacturing capability, and the price for large orders is affordable. Through our unremitting efforts, our equipments have obtained a number of domestic and foreign medical certificates.
In addition to competitive prices, our distributors will also get:
1.Efficient service, your time cost will be greatly reduced

Time is money and your time is too precious to be wasted. Newangie offers the latest technology backed by real-time customer service assistance to help you save every minute.
Saving your time on product researching, we offer the most complete beauty equipment in the beauty industry.

Getting a quick quote so to order easily and quickly. You'll be in direct contact with our technicians so you can stay informed of all our latest projects, upgrades and promotions.

The order process is short and efficient, we stock from our own factory to ensure our delivery time is very short.

2.Your investment cost will be reduced.

Today's distributors must maximize profits by improving cash flow through smarter investments, minimizing shipping costs and reducing turnaround times. Newangie has the ability and experience to help you improve your business

Manufacturers directly wholesale to minimize the cost of service middlemen.

No expensive shipping, hidden or special fees.

Enjoy the exclusive preferential purchase price, making sales easier and more cost-effective.

3.Professional reference

Knowledgeable resellers can solve problems for you and help customers sell more products. You can rely on our high qualified products and technical reference to help you meet your customers' needs every step of the way!

Clinical operation guidance by experienced beauticians.

Advice from professional marketing experts.

Cutting-edge theoretical teaching and technical guidance.
4. Life time support.

We will provide as many opportunities in the market as possible,including technical marketing and service support channels.

Expert advice on business strategy and marketing issues.

Free introduction videos, product manuals, marketing posters and brochures, etc.

All the necessary training