Why do we need at least 3 treatments for hair removal?

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Why do we need at least 3 treatments for hair removal?    

    Regarding to diode laser hair removal, I believe most of you know that we need at least 3 treatments to reach to the permanent hair removal result, but how many of you know why? Because there are 3 stages of hair growth cycle, from actively beginning growth from the root to hair shedding. These are known as the Anagen phase, Catagen phase and Telogen phase.

the Anagen phase

    The Anagen phase is the period of growth. The cells in the hair bulb divide rapidly creating new hair growth. Hair actively grows from the roots for an average of 2-7 years before hair follicles becomes dormant.

The Catagen phase

    The second phase of your hair growth cycle is Catagen. This period is short, lasting only 2-3 weeks on average. In this transitional phase, hair stops growing and detaches itself from the blood supply and is then named a club hair.

The Telogen phase

    Finally, hair enters it’s third and final stage called the Talogen phase. This phase begins with a resting period, where club hairs rest in the root while new hair begins to grow beneath it. This phase lasts for around 3 months.


Most people choose to use the diode laser for permanent hair removal. The laser hair removal treatment only remove the growth phase hair, which occupies 88%-90% of the hair, instead of transition phase and resting phase, so we need to wait another 30-45 days after the 1st treatment to the 2ed treatment...etc, thus to remove all phase hair.BM13-单页_11

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