Top 10 Laser hair removal machine review

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Top 10 Laser hair removal machine review


working principle:

Laser hair removal is performed by laser irradiation of the hair, and the hair and hair follicles absorb a large amount of laser energy to cause an instant high temperature, which causes the hair follicle to be destroyed by high temperature and achieve permanent removal of the hair.


Applicable parts:

Diode laser Freezing Hair Removal Beauty Instrument is suitable for any part of the body. You can easily take off the hairline, lip hair, beard body hair, chest hair, limb hair, bikini and so on. Hairless hair removal, high efficiency, fast speed, good effect and safer.



 Permanent hair reduction of all color hairs except white color on all 6 skin types, including tanned skin or dark skin---diode laser enables light to penetrate deeper into the skin and is safer than other lasers because it can avoid the melanin pigment in the skin's epidermis.

*  In-motion technology, fast hair removal on big area treatment---diode laser allows fast repetition rates up to 10Hz(10 pulses-per-second)

*  Pain-free hair removal---excellent contact cooling probe, preventing superficial heat injury.

market expectation:

The new generation diode laser hair removal technology is the most advanced permanent laser hair removal method introduced at present, and it has become one of the kings of hair removal technology by aggregating many international leading patent technologies. The hair removal speed is more than 3-5 times that of the traditional ones. It is really fast, freezing point, zero touch and painless hair removal. It is the most advanced and best hair removal method in the world.


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