Essential for slimming and slimming--Shockwave therapy machine

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Essential for slimming and slimming--Shockwave therapy machine

Peach hips, mermaid lines, long legs. Do you also remember these things?

Exercise shaping can not forget to prevent loosening, so as to avoid muscle contraction, short lines, and into small legs. Shockwave therapy machine can reduce muscle stiffness and soreness after exercise, increase blood circulation and help sleep.


Don't miss the elite white-collar workers in the office. Sedentary fatigue, cold invasion, or traumatic dystrophy, can lead to poor blood, fascia adhesions, soreness. Shockwave therapy machine can relax the blood and effectively prevent loose tissue.


The 2019 new arrival shockwave machine has been optimized and upgraded, and the quality and performance have been further improved.

1. The handle adjusts the energy

2. Five sizes of work heads

3. Ergonomic handle design, smoother and more stable operation


Newangie shockwave therapy machine, dedicated to love sports, understand you life!

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