Body composition analyzer---- The epoch-making achievements of the health industry

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Body composition analyzer---- The epoch-making achievements of the health industry


Body composition analyzer: Weight loss health consultation management system, an excellent health consultant, provides independent health analysis data for each tester. Body composition analyzer statistical method, measuring body composition: weight, obesity judgment, body age, basal metabolism, muscle mass, estimated bone mass, body fat rate, visceral fat level, exercise mode, etc. can be accurately determined to the left and right of each hand The health index effectively indicates the health of the guest.


With a body composition analyzer, you can find a path to improve your physical condition and develop new dieting and exercise programs. This new health management device automatically collects analytical data from your body so you can give advice and knowledge to your guests. Users can also provide professional services with professional diet and health advisor system.


So far, it has been determined that obesity is calculated based on height and weight. To accurately determine whether obesity is necessary, you must know the amount of adipose tissue. But the determination of body fat mass is not an easy task. The Body Composition Analyzer is an epoch-making health management device that measures body weight and body fat in less than a minute. Since then, we have been able to easily measure body fat to provide important informational data for your healthy life.


Working principle: Multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (MFBIA) is used. The main reference factors are weight, sex, height, age, and impedance. Based on the new DXA method, the body composition is measured: body fat, body weight, BMI (body mass index), non-fat amount and other health indexes, which effectively indicate the health of the guests.


Nutrition centers, gyms, post-natal recovery centers, families, and schools are all available.

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