What should we do with the diet after receiving cryotherapy?

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More and more beauty salons are now advocating the method of freezing fat loss. This fast and convenient weight loss method can really make many fat cuties transform into beautiful sisters very quickly. But how to maintain posture after surgery has become a point of knowledge that we must focus on! !


The secret to keeping in shape is nothing more than exercise + diet. But three-point training, seven-point eating, this article will tell you how we eat not only nutritional balance, but also maintain a beautiful body.


A healthy fat-reducing diet should have reasonable total calorie control, balanced nutrition, and high-quality food.


The intake of calories throughout the day is guaranteed to be higher than the basal metabolism of the day (the average girl s metabolic rate is 1450kca). The ratio of major energy supply nutrients should also be reasonable. The general ratio is carbon water: fat: protein 5: 3: 2. And these three nutrients are indispensable.


Staple food: Each meal is enough for girls to eat 1-1.5 fists. Try to choose brown rice, steamed sweet potatoes (sweet potatoes can also be replaced with purple potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam and other potatoes), boiled corn and other coarse grains, or mixed bean rice , Multi-grain rice, potato burrito and other staple foods. This will have a stronger sense of fullness, and blood sugar after meals will be more stable, which is more conducive to fat loss.

Vegetables: Whether it is a boy or a girl, try to eat 1 fist of vegetables per meal. For vegetables, choose more dark vegetables, which are dark green, purple, red and orange. Common are spinach, rape, celery leaves, water spinach, leeks, broccoli, chrysanthemum, kale, tomato, carrot, purple cabbage and so on. Compared with light-colored vegetables, these vegetables contain more nutrients and are more beneficial to health. Of course, like mushrooms, although their color does not look dark, they are rich in dietary fiber, and the fat reduction period is also highly recommended.


Fat: Seeing the energy supply ratio in front, do you think you eat more fat than protein every day? Actually not, because 1g of fat can provide 9kcal of calories, while 1g of protein only provides 4kcal of calories. And the staple food and meat we eat generally contain fat. Therefore, during the fat reduction period, we only need to control the daily cooking oil not to exceed 25g. Just put half a tablespoon to one tablespoon of vegetable oil in each dish.


Meat: The meat that appears last is very important for the fat-reducing diet, because it can provide the fat-free period, the most important nutrients that can not be ignored-high-quality protein. Generally, when reducing fat, eat at least one meat of the thickness and size of the palm of each meal. The key is to choose low-fat and high-protein. So how to judge whether this meat is low in fat and high in protein?


Here are two tips to share with everyone!


First, when eating red meat such as pork, beef, and lamb, do not choose red and white meat. Try to keep only the pure red part, the less white the better. Meat like snowflake beef, pork belly and sirloin, which looks white and red, can be eliminated during the fat reduction period. And like pork tenderloin and beef tenderloin, it looks like a piece of red meat, which is optional during the fat reduction period.


Second, choose lighter-colored meat. The fat content of this type of meat is generally relatively low. For example, chicken, fish, shrimp, crab meat, lean meat can be eaten in vain. In light-colored meat, chicken breast is the most cost-effective in terms of price and nutrition. Every 100g of chicken breast can provide about 25g of protein. Generally, the protein content of raw meat is about 18g per 100g. Its fat content per 100 grams is generally not more than 5g, and the total calories are only 118kcal, which is very suitable for fat-reducing people.


So during our maintenance period, you can say goodbye to vain by following the above principles.


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