What should pay attention when we use the fat freezing device

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The fat freezing device is very popular in many places and it is very hot selling. What should we pay attention when we use the fat freezing device? Here let me introduce you.

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1. Paving antifreeze film to ensure adequate liquid, you can use two. Flat covering the skin

2.After 20 minutes of treatment should be suspended to check and arrange antifreeze film treatment of dry and wet conditions

3. Treatment can be started with high negative pressure (40-70kPa) first adsorption, when the constant pressure after 3 minutes of treatment should be adjusted to about 35kPa negative pressure to continue treatment. Long hours of high pressure (60-80KPa) adsorption will increase the risk of skin blisters after treatment. Will also be dry antifreeze and frostbite

4. Individual physical condition of patients due to the cold resistance of the skin, in the choice of the use of -5 degrees below the possibility of skin frostbite (coldinjury) phenomenon. This class is recommended when using 5 to 0 degrees.

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