What's the causes of red blood?

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The common cause of the formation of red blood capillaries is damaged keratin, and the capillaries have lost the natural protection of the stratum corneum, which has been stimulated by the external environment for a long time, resulting in vasodilation, blockage, and damage; A facial phenomenon caused by thin and sensitive skin. When you are too cold, too hot, or emotional, your face will be redder, resulting in the phenomenon of red blood.


How to prevent


1. Avoid the incentives of environmental climate


In cold weather and windy weather, scarves and masks are the simplest and most effective artifacts. Take sun protection measures to avoid sun exposure.


The sun protection factor of the sunscreen is controlled at SPF25 ~ 30, and the Japanese sunscreen is recommended to be around SPF50, which should not be too high and cause irritation.


2. Gentle cleansing


Products that do not contain fragrance or soap base, especially cleansing face, must use amino acid and glucoside cleansing milk.


3. The acid skin care must be appropriate or not


The amount of acid brushing must be appropriate and pay attention to sunscreen. Strong acids are very irritating to the skin.


Daily care


1. For red blood, warm water should be used in the cleaning process, and the wetting process should be longer. One is to adapt the skin to changes in temperature; the other is to allow the pores to open.


2. The red blood skin is relatively thin, it is difficult to lock in water, and moisture is easily lost to dryness. Therefore, the care of red bloodshot skin should strengthen the moisturizing and moisturizing, so that the skin has enough moisture to ease the red bloodshothead.


3. Make sure you do your skincare primer before applying makeup and avoid excessive cleaning when removing makeup.


4. Avoid spicy, deep-fried, and grilled foods, so as not to cause additional burden to the skin, and make the original fragile skin more fragile.


5. Choose products containing ceramide and bisyl alcohol to replenish the intercellular substance, rebuild the stratum corneum, soothe and calm the skin, and enhance skin tolerance.


6. After finding skin care products suitable for you, it is better to use the one you are familiar with. If you want to change to a new skin care product, it is recommended to replace only one at a time on the original basis to avoid allergies or damage.


7. Avoid entering a cold and hot environment. The skin should be allowed to adapt to the process to avoid exacerbating red blood; do not expose the skin to extremely cold or hot environments for long periods of time.


8. Eat more soy products and fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet to enhance skin resistance.

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