What are the side effects of hifu treatment

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Hifu focuses high energy on the dermis to the fascia layer, thereby stimulating the proliferation of collagen in the dermis layer and lifting the fascia layer, and has obvious effects in skin wrinkle rejuvenation and skin lifting. After the operation, the Hifu principle will also repair the skin in time to achieve the effect of beauty.


But many people are also hesitant about the effect of Hifu ,“will there be any side effects ”Since HIFU is a high-energy treatment, the latest technology can be painless and has a short recovery period. However, after the treatment is completed, there will be redness, swelling, pain, dry skin, etc. As long as you avoid using highly irritating beauty products (such as those containing vitamins) C, fruit acid, alcohol), strengthen moisturizing, you can quickly relieve the slight discomfort after surgery.

If the repair is not carried out in time after the ultrasonic scalpel operation, the skin will lose its ability to support, side effects will occur, and the cells of the dermis and epidermis may be damaged under high temperatures. Therefore, after the operation, follow the advice of doctors and beauticians as follows:

1. For 5-7 days, the patient should try not to wash his face or wipe it gently with cold water. He or she should not take a bath with too high a water temperature or take a sauna, otherwise, it will affect the effect of the operation.

2. Also pay attention to your diet. It is forbidden to eat spicy and irritating food, soy sauce food, and alcohol within a week, otherwise, it is easy to cause inflammation;

3. If go out with sunscreen, avoid sun exposure and vigorous exercise, and do not massage the face. If the above precautions are followed, the recovery will be smoother.

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