What are the advantages of OPT laser hair removal?

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OPT laser hair removal, delivers the right pulse and fluency for each application. The result is consistent and reproducible results for physicians and their patients. You can see results in a single session comparable to 3-5 treatments.

For this OPT, it does not burn or hurt at all. The more shots fired, the more cooling effect you feel on your skin. The treatment area of the machine iced up because of the three cooling systems together to be more effective and safer; it feels really nice on the skin.

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During the pulses, light energy is delivered.

During the delays, the tissue cools.

There is more energy being safely delivered to the targeted areas for more effective and much faster results.

Not only it can remove undesired hair permanently from various areas of the body for all kinds of hair colour… This technology is great! It can also remove speckles,age spot,sun-induced freckles from various types of skin.  Remove facial vascular lesions. Skin rejuvenating and lessen deep wrinkles. Tighten skin and remove acne too. 

This treatment have no downtime and no side affects.

The painless permanent removaI is so freakingly amazed.

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