Treatment of Hifu Intensity Focused Ultrasound in Aesthetic Medicine

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High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), for the treatment of sagging deep tissue and skin, especially the oval of the face This fairly recent treatment is intended to fight against the relaxation of the skin of the face, the skin and the skin. oval, inside the arms, thighs and skin of the abdomen. It is a very safe medical technique, the subject of numerous scientific publications, approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the USA. Its effectiveness is recognized worldwide. This technique does not change the volumes of the face. It only puts the loose tissues under tension

For the deep tensioning of the subcutaneous tissues.

Focalized ultrasound treatment for face.

What is High Intensity Focused Ultrasound? The principle of the treatment is based on the use of the Energy of the Focalized Ultrasounds, whose impacts will act on several layers of the skin. This energy makes it possible to reach a temperature of 65 to 70 degrees in the deep and superficial layers of the skin.

During the natural repair process, the fibroblasts of the skin will produce more collagen, which will improve the firmness, but also elastin fibers, for better tone. Facial rejuvenation by High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a medical technique, now developed that .

Hifu function

Facial, forehead lifting: loosening of the entire face, especially the oval, attenuation of the jowls and double-chin

Sagging eyebrows

Malarial pouches (edema localized on the cheekbones) 

Wrinkle attenuation

Increased elasticity of the skin

Regeneration of collagen

already visible at the end of the session improve over time because the stimulated fibroblasts only react after 60 to 90 days. The lifting effect is accentuated from week to week. 

Ultrasound lift without lancet or injection thanks to HIFU focused ultrasound

We can work at different depths, from the deepest level, to the upper layers of the epidermis:

DS-1.5mm,  is used to transmit high-energy focused ultrasound to the epidermis tissue,to skin depth of 1.5mm. Activates the skin epidermis of thinner tissue. Treatment area: forehead area.

DS-3.0mm, 4MHz frequency ,used to release ultrasound energy into the dermis layer of 3.0mm,is responsible for activating the skin’s dermal layer of collagen, effectively enhance the effect of the consolidation of the outline, but also improve large pores and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

 DS-4.5mm, 4MHZ frequency used to transmit high- energy focused ultrasound to the skin, subcutaneous tissue, the ultrasound to penetrate the skin to a depth of 4.5mm, direct subcutaneous SMAS layer, forming “heat coagulation” regional, targeted to thicker skin, such as cheeks, etc.

DS-6.0mm,8.0mm,10mm,13mm and 16mm are responsible for transmitting 4 MHZ high intensity focused ultrasound subcutaneous fat layer to melt the fat cells. Then the metabolites of fat cells will be excreted by human body’s metabolis.It is targeting the body.

Emission of HIFU energy

Dissemination of fractional energy in depth

Thermocoagulation in deep structures (dermis and subcutaneous tissue)

Gradual production of collagen through the healing process during the following months

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