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1. It is normal to have a temporary slight redness after the operation of the ultrasonic knife. Do not go to hot sauna, yoga or other high temperature environment within 1 week after operation, and do not recommend exposure.

2. Keep the skin and hair area clean and hygienic before operation. Use no makeup on the day, and try to clean up the traces of the current makeup.

3. Do not wash your face in hot water for 3 days.Pay attention to the water supply, recommend a minimum of 3 times a week.

4. Do not eat anything with heavy pigments such as soy sauce during the week, and avoid alcohol and spicy food.

Hifu machine

hifu machine

1. What are the drugs, food and lifestyle that need to be taboo before treatment?What are the preparations for the treatment?

Avoid taking or applying A acid product for one to two weeks.

Before and after the treatment should pay attention to wet, recommend daily moisturizing skin care products;Avoid exposure to the sun, high temperature yoga, or bathing in hot water.

2. After the course of treatment, convalescence, what are the symptoms of discomfort, how long can the discomfort disappear?Will there be side effects?

On the contrary, SMAS ultrasonic knife treatment is not open, no bleeding, no injection, no trauma, no scars, no radiation, no side effects.After the course of treatment, it will not affect your daily life.There is no need for recovery and no side effects, but there is a chance that the skin will tighten after the treatment.

3.What needs to be noticed?What auxiliary maintenance is needed to help restore?

Since the skin will be dry after the treatment, it is recommended to pay attention to moisturizing after the course of treatment, and it is recommended to apply moisturizing and moisturizing products every day.

4.How long does it take to show up after a course of treatment?How long will it last?

During this period, which methods can be used to prolong the effect time?

There will be a real time effect after treatment, and the effect lasts 1 year or so, about during this time through the tight skin care treatment, such as radio frequency (rf) to extend the period of treatment effect, effect to achieve the most ideal treatment that can be completed in one year, three times effect will hold four to five years.

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