Take you to understand RF beauty instrument

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Why Radio Frequency can have effect on fat reduction? RF can instantaneous generate electromagnetic field which go through the skin directly to the shallow fat. That can led to bio-thermal, then stimulate the thermal insulation of the fibrous septum, enhance local blood circulation and deposition of cells through the lymphatic system fat drainage, finally fat cell apoptosis. These three effects can not only effectively improve the buttocks and thighs of orange peel skin and obesity, but also successfully solve the problem of postpartum, abdominal relaxation and other issues after liposuction.


RF beauty instrument effects:


1.Tight skin shrink pores;
2. Tight the overall outline;  
3. Skin is smooth and delicate;     
4. Whitening, increased flexibility;  
5. get rid of small wrinkles;
6. Whitening, eliminate wrinkles; 
7. Fade stains;
8. skin health increased;
9. Acne removal;

10. Remove yellow gas, let the skin back to ten years ago 


If you don’t believe it, just try it.It is no down time, so it can not effect your normal life; no harm to your body, it only use the cell’s nature of apoptosis to shaping your body and all the thing above; save money and time of clients, which is usually the most important things.


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