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In recent years, many people who want to lose weight have heard of cryolipolysis and even want to try cryolipolysis for partial weight loss. But do you know what you need to do before cryolipolysis treatment? Today we will talk about three things you must know before your cryolipolysis treatment. Knowing this information can help you get better cryolipolysis results.

Keep Exercising and Clean Diet


Forming healthy habits is vital for achieving the best results with Cryolipolysis. If you are already in your ideal weight range, your results will be quicker and more effective. If you’re not, talk to your medical provider to find the best healthy diet and exercise regimen. You should be looking at being within five pounds of your ideal weight because then you’ll be able to really see the results. Likewise, maintaining your results will only work if you do. Don’t risk creating new deposits of fat by overeating right after the treatments. Healthy habits are everything!

Pay Attention to Skin Management


It’s a no-brainer: your skin needs to be healthy and intact during the Cryolipolysis procedure. Because the treatment involves suction and massage of the area, you want to protect the skin. Please do so by preparing it for Cryolipolysis. Avoid tanning, as the area that will be treated with Cryolipolysis can get more sensitive. Should you burn in the sun, the treatment may cause an unpleasant feeling that you may want to avoid – think suction of the sunburnt skin! – so you would like to either avoid the sun altogether in the days prior to the treatment or postpone the treatment. The same goes for cuts, bruising, and any other wounds you might have. If you do have them, postpone your treatment. If you don’t, try avoiding activities that might cause them in the days leading to the treatment!

Quit Smoking

While we’re on the topic of things to avoid before the treatment, we need to mention smoking, too. Smoking can slow the recovery process and delay the results. If you can, refrain from smoking for a week before cryolipolysis.

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