Skin glycation is comparable to disfigurement! Anti-sugar you must know this!

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What is the saccharification reaction?

Excessive intake of sugar will combine with protein to cause glycation reaction. After protein denaturation, it will become QAGEs that accelerate aging and cause skin deterioration.


Why is the skin resistant to sugar?

Excessive intake of sugar has many harms! Not only will it make your body fat and affect your health, but it will also make your skin worse and worse, yellowing, dull, old and ugly.

Saccharification reaction is harmful to the skin:

dull skin tone

loose pores

dark circles under the eyes

dry skin

fine lines



red blood streaks

Severe swollen eye bags


The two major problems of glycation reaction:

Why does sugar make us acne?

Human tissue cells all contain protein, and they all contain AGEs receptors. Excessive intake of sugar will cause (increased insulin) and affect the secretion of male hormones, stimulate sebum secretion and hyperkeratosis of the epidermis. As a result, acne is caused and worsened.


Why does sugar make us black and old?

The AGEs produced by the glycation reaction are brown substances. With age, the accumulation of this substance in the skin for a long time can cause skin problems such as dark yellow and spots.

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