Shockwave Therapy Supplier

Function:Joints pain relief,Rehabilitation therapy,Cellulite reduction,ED treatment 
Certification: CE 
Warranty: 1 year 
Customized service: OEM,ODM, LOGO
  • SW14-1

  • Newangie

shockwave therapy supplier



  1. Exclusive vertical new appearance, smart new interface

  2. Standard configuration of 12 size working heads, special ED exclusive working head

  3. Higher configuration, more obvious work efficiency


Shockwave Benefits:

  • Success rate of 80%

  • Non surgical and drug free

  • Non-invasive

  • No risk of infection

  • Faster and easier healing

  • Reduce expenses

Machine advantages:

1. The handle is specially made of new energy steel and is equipped with a heat-proof and non-slip protective cover

2. Equipped with an intelligent LCD display, the handle and the instrument interface record parameters at the same time

3. The frequency and energy can be adjusted while working

4. Intelligently record the total number of hits and the real-time temperature of the handle


Our Service:

  1. The machine have two year warranty and lifetime maintenance

  2. OEM and ODM service

  3. 24 hours service contact us at any time

 4. Provide free training, allowing you to quickly recover costs

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