Shock Wave Therapy Machine in Dubai

Function: Erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment; Joints pain relief 
Certification: CE 
Warranty: 1 year 
Customized service: OEM, ODM, LOGO
  • SW14-1

  • Newangie


The shockwave therapy machine uses the principle of sound wave, the massage effect directly reaches the SMAS fascia layer, which can pull out the fascia and muscles, and fundamentally solve a
series of sub-health problems caused by muscle strain. For people with long-term muscle strain, the first feeling of the lattice shock wave is “pain” and shock, because the muscles are squeezed for a long time, adhere to the fascia, the position of the muscles and fascia has been distorted, and the direct fascia layer is needed. The external force returns the adherent muscles and fascia to the correct position. Therefore, when the sound wave power from the burst shock wave is brought to the fascia layer, it will leave a "pain" and "shock" to the experience.


Shockwave treatment for ED involves using an acoustic wave that goes into the penis. These sound wave are focused onto the penis and perineal region. The perineal the testicles. Shockwave treatment for ED involves a cellular interaction. This reaction can trigger increased blood flow and can create regeneration of tissue. As seen above, shockwaves treat ED using a shockwave therapy device Using this device, the sound wave is placed along the shaft of the penis and pelvic floor region Our Shockwave Therapy Machine is used for the treatment of shock therapy for treatment reasons, not just symptoms. A breakthrough treatment system can bring lasting erectile function and new sexual spontaneity to millions of people-painless, natural and safe.


Benefits of Shockwave Therapy Machine for Erectile Dysfunction
Shockwave therapy for ed administrationTreats the cause, not just the symptoms
Enables Spontaneous Erections
Visible Results within 3 weeks
Offers proven clinical long-term results
Completely safe with no side effects
Non-invasive, totally painless
Triggers natural repair mechanisms by increasing blood flow
Restores sex life with stronger, firmer, longer-lasting erections
70%+ Success Rate
Compatible with other treatments




1. Myofascial trigger point therapy on back and shoulders
2. Thumb basal joint arthritis
3. Sports injury
4. Myofascial trigger points
5. Heel spurs
6. Radial and ulnar epicondylitis, tennis elbow
7. Tendinitis of the shoulder problems
8. Calcific tendinitis of the shoulder
9. Status post muscular injury
10. Patellar tendinitis
11. Plantar fasciitis
12. Erectile dysfunction treatment