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  I remember that summer, I really wanted to show her name on my chest forever, because I love her very much, so I used her tattoo to imprint her name on my chest forever, but between us. A lot of things happened that caused the relationship between us to break down. In the end, she didn’t stick to it but chose to let go. I still remember that two days before the festival, I found a tattoo shop and then deeply imprinted her name. On my chest.

  From the moment she gave up, I lived a life of alcoholics every day. Every time I feel like I’m going to go out from the past, I always see my chest from the mirror or some place where I can reflect. The text on it (her name: Mindray).

  Later, I went to see a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist told me that if you want to really go out and start a new life, you have to remove her name from your chest. I am hesitating to choose which tattoo. When the store washed out the name that made me cry, my contact with me from Facebook said that he wanted to remove the tattoo from him. He had found that the tattoo could be removed very clean without leaving scars. The kind of beauty salon. I am very happy. So the two of us came together to the tattoo shop that he said.

  The two of us started the road to remove the tattoo.

  Although it takes a month to complete the next treatment in the middle of each treatment, the tattoos of our two people are better than one removal at a time.

  After our two tattoos were completely removed, I went to the owner of the beauty salon and said: What is the reason why you can remove the tattoo so well.

  The boss replied: picosecond laser tattoo removal machine BM23

  Immediately after I asked the boss: This machine is so good to remove tattoos, is it still able to do other things?

  The boss saw me with great interest and always asked him, and he patiently told me about the advantages of this machine and what he can do.

  This picosecond laser tattoo removal machine BM23 is produced by Newangie.

  It is a picosecond laser machine that performs non-invasive laser skin treatment on the body, including the chest or shoulders, face, hands, legs, etc.

  In addition to the effect of removing tattoos, this machine can achieve many effects you want.

  For example: remove all kinds of embroidery eyebrow tattoo, embroidery lip tattoo, soak tattoo, embroidery eyeliner tattoo and lip tattoo

  Ota, blue dragonfly, black cockroach, coffee spot -

  Itching, freckles, sunburn spots and chloasma -

  Skin whitening and wrinkle removal

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