Oxygen Facial Machines

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 Certification: CE / ROHS 
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oxygen facial machines

oxygen facial machines
Oyxjet facial skin beauty machine. Oxygen treatment technology delivers a new kind of non-invasive, relaxing and painless skin care with excellent results.  It can instantly improve circulation, create a level of skin moisture and tone the skin. In just one 30-45 minute treatment, your skin will look younger, brighter, more radiant and uneven skin pigmentation improves. The appearance of fine lines and blemishes is visibly reduced, providing an instant firming and lift.Oxyjet theory
Oxyjet functions:

- Skin rejuvenation, remove facial blemish, tighten large hair pores, deep cleaning, and improve the flexibility and tone of skin. 
- Scar removal; Remove scar caused by laser treatment, burn, surgical etc. 
- Wrinkle removal; Remove fine lines, wrinkles and spider veins. 
- Acne removal, Remove acne, comedones, blackheads and acne scar. 
- Restrain the inflammation.Oxyjet work handles

Oxyjet skin treatment

    - Oxyjet Oxygen Spray Treatment

    Oxygen spray is an antiaging treatment which uses a stainless spray gun , on which there is a bottle to fill essential fluid.  Under powerful

     pressure, the spray gun spurts  oxygen wirth 96.4% purity which can be effectively penetrated into deep skin and absorbed.


    - Oxyjet Oxygen Infusion 

    Oxygen infusion treatment adopts a special infusion gun to press the  pure oxygen with the essential products into deep skin under high pressure.


    - Oxyjet Ozone (03) Treatment

    This O3 is a clean, fresh gas, which is known to have a strong sterilizing effect on germs.

    The machine Oxygen MAX System adopts electrical tech which could turn Oxygen (O2) to Ozone (03).So patients not only can get the  oxygen treatment, but also Ozone treatment. 


    - Oxyjet Microcurrent Treatment

    The microcurrent simulation can reach into the cell, active cell, improve the cell's metabolism and circulation, and then enhance the rehabilitation capacity of the cell tissue.
At the same time, do shrink and release sport to every muscle. It can renew muscle's length and spring. It can improve the aged skin fundamentally.

    - Oxyjet Photon LED 

    LED light therapy can promote lymphatic circulation and body metabolism, improve body microenvironment, and help excrete toxin, fatty acid and glycerin out of body. 


    - Oxyjet RF Facial Treatment 

    The machine adpots 5MHz high frequency RFwhich can promote the collagen reproduction to remove wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity.


    - Oxyjet Magic Hand Treatment

    Magic hand can make skin care products absorbtion increased to 20-30%.     


    - Oxyjet Ultrasonic Facial Treatment

    Ultrasonic massages the face with ultrasound technology, which“massage” away wrinkles and uneven skin texture.  


    - Oxyjet Music therapy

    Modern neurophysiologists show that music have a direct impact on neural structures, especially on the brain cortex. Different music with different melody, tone, speed can make people relaxed and happy, excited, sedative and some other different active roles through human sensory organs.

Oxyjet facial machine


                    AC220v/50hz AC110v/60hz



                    Oxygen Purity


                    Music Output


                    RF Frequency


                    Supersonic Frequency


                    Input current

                    ≤ 8mA Handle 

                    Handle Temperature



                    Color Multimedia and large touch screen

Oxyjet products displays

Oxyjet facial treatment