Newangie® 3 in 1 Laser Beauty Machine BM17

The 3-in-1 laser hair removal, tattoo removal, and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device offer a comprehensive solution for various skincare needs in a single, versatile unit.
  • BM17

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3 in 1 laser machine

▶ Nd yag handle+ IPL handle + diode laser handle

▶ Diode handle: with different spot size for different areas

▶IPL filter: 480nm,530nm, 640nm

▶ ND YAG handle: 532nm,1064nm, 1320nm, 755nm

▶ Funtion: Tattoo removal, pigmentation removal, carbon peeling , acne removal and hair removal


Key Features:

Compact and all-in-one design for convenient at-business.

Adjustable intensity levels to accommodate different skin tones, hair colors, and tattoo types.

Multiple treatment modes for customizable skincare routines.

Built-in safety features to protect the skin during treatments.

Suitable for various body areas, including face, body, and targeted tattoo removal.


Laser Hair Removal:

This device employs advanced laser technology to target hair follicles, inhibiting hair growth over time. By emitting controlled pulses of light, it effectively removes unwanted hair at the root, providing long-lasting smoothness.


IPL function broadens the device's versatility by offering an alternative hair removal method. Intense Pulsed Light targets melanin in the hair, disrupting the hair growth cycle and reducing hair regrowth. It is particularly effective for larger treatment areas and can be used on various body parts.


Incorporating tattoo removal functionality, the device utilizes specific wavelengths to break down tattoo pigments. This process helps fade and eliminate tattoos gradually, making it a convenient and at-home solution for those seeking tattoo removal without the need for professional laser clinics.bm17_06


Output power: 3500W

IPL power: 1500W

IPL energy: 1-26J

IPL  spot size: 18*50mm

Diode Laser: Coherent bars

Diode Laser power: 300W-1000W

Spot size: 13*13mm, 13mm*20mm, 13mm*24mm

nd yag power: 350W

ND YAG energy: max to 2J

Energy density: 10-2000mJ/cm2

Net weight: 54kg

Packing size: 61*56*124cm


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