Maqunas Para Hifu

Face lifting, Wrinkle removal, Body slimming 
Application: Beauty salon, clinic, spa 
Standard cartridges: 7 cartridges 
Certificate: CE 
Warranty: 2 years
  • FU2

  • Newangie

maqunas para hifumaqunas para hifu

Why choose this machine:

It uses the latest 7D HIFUmachine is attractive in the market. Have you heard about it?

✅Effect of 7D HIFU increased by 30% compared to ordinary HIFU

7 different cartridge sizesfor face and body treatment(Skin Tightening+Wrinkle Removal+ Body Slimming)

Energy is 0.1- 3J adjustable

7d hifu machine for sale


Newest 7D HIFU treatment, painless treatment, more acceptable

- With 7 different cartridges included

Face: 1.5mm,2.0mm,3.0mm,4.5mm
Body: 6mm,9mm,13mm

✅It has 2 handles, can treat more customers, more convenient.

✅Each cartridge has 20,000 shots

7d hifu machine for sale

7d hifu machine for sale

7d hifu machine for sale

7d hifu machine for sale