How to use fat freezing slimming machine to achieve perfect slimming

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The principle of fat freezing slimming machine: The triglyceride in human fat is converted into solid at a low temperature of 5°C, and the frozen energy precisely controlled by the non-invasive cryogenic energy extraction device is delivered to the designated fat-solubilized site, and targeted elimination is achieved. In the fat cells of the designated site, the triacylglycerols in the designated part of the fat cells are converted from liquid to solid after being cooled to a certain low temperature. The crystals are gradually dying after being aged. The body excreted through metabolism, and the body fat gradually decreases, thereby achieving partial lipolysis. Body sculpting effect.


Different from traditional weight loss

Scope of application: Applicable to waist, abdomen, size legs, butterfly sleeves, etc.

Safety: No medication, no need for anesthesia, no surgery, no trauma.

Pain: There is an unpleasant feeling of freezing when I first touch the lipolysis machine, but it soon disappears.

Effective period: 2 to 3 months after the death of cells completely discharged to achieve slimming effect.

Recovery period: There is no recovery period, and other activities can be performed after completion.

Precautions: After the completion of the freezing and dissolving fat, it is necessary to arrange diet and exercise reasonably, and maintain the body type.



According to clinical studies, fat layer thickness decreased by an average of 22.4% within 2 months to 4 months after receiving "Cryolipolysis."

fat freezing slimming machine

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