How to relieve Lumbar spine and Cervical vertebrae pain

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How to relieve Lumbar spine and Cervical vertebrae pain

[The two most vulnerable parts of the human body] One is the cervical spine and the other is the lumbar vertebrae. The cervical vertebra is the most important hub in the upper part of the body, connecting the brain and the whole body. The popularity of mobile phones has caused a particularly large number of patients with cervical spondylosis. Most of the leg and foot pain cramps are caused by lumbar problems.

The birth of the shockwave therapy machine can greatly alleviate the pain. The shockwave machine uses the principle of sound waves, and the massage effect directly reaches the SMA fascia layer. It can lift the fascia and muscles and fundamentally solve a series of sub-health problems caused by muscle strain.

The first feeling is "pain" and "shock".

Shockwave has the following effects:

Cells: Enhance cell membrane permeability by increasing ion channel activity, promoting cell division, and stimulating cytokine production.

Blood vessels in muscles and muscles: Improve blood circulation, increase growth factor β1, and enhance mitosis of osteoblasts.

Nitrogen oxide system: accelerates the remodeling and healing of bones.

Improve microcirculation and metabolism.

Promotes the dissolution of calcified fibroblasts.

Promotes the synthesis of collagen.

Reduce tissue tension.

Have an analgesic effect.

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