How Long Does It Take to See Results After CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

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As we age, we can see gradual changes in our faces. Of course, everyone is bound to not want to see this change, so is there any way we can slow down this change?

Gone are the days where our only options were surgery or trying to cover up those signs of aging to no avail. Today there are non-surgical options for turning back the hands of time on your skin. The option is CO2 laser resurfacing.But maybe you will confused how long does it take to see result after CO2 resurfacing,this article will answer your questions.

What is CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

CO2 laser skin resurfacing is a procedure involving the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) and a skin surface-removing laser (ablative laser) to remove scars, warts and deep wrinkles.

How CO2 Laser Resurfacing Works?

As this laser is moved across your skin, your doctor will target deeper layers of skin that have been damaged by loss of collagen. The heat from the laser creates enough disruption for your skin to replace all those layers of skin, but to do that, it has to produce a lot of new collagen.


As this healing process continues, newly regenerated skin cells slowly replace those damaged layers of skin with healthier ones. The foundation of these layers of skin is made strong again, removing those weakened areas and firming up the anchor for your face. The results can include:

Reduced or eliminated fine to moderate lines and wrinkles

Even skin tone and texture

Reduced scarring

A brighter, clearer complexion

Smaller pores

Tighter skin

Timeline of Results

As your skin heals, it will reveal brighter and more even tone. The real results come as your collagen builds up and regenerates new layers of skin. Over the month or two following your treatment, you will notice lines and wrinkles diminishing as the collagen fills them in.


Loose skin will become tighter as it anchors to the newly formed fibrous collagen and the strong dermis it has created. Age and sunspots will lighten or disappear as those cells are replaced with healthy ones.

Clients will see results gradually continue to improve for months, with full results seen 3-6 months after treatment. Clients appreciate the slow progression of change because people notice their youthful appearance and not immediate “work” they’ve had done.


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