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You Should Know First

HIFU works by using an acoustic lens to concentrate several beams of ultrasound energy on targeted areas. The energy is applied to a depth of between 1.5 and 4.5mm beneath the skin to stimulate new collagen and elastin.


HIFU Is Preferred Over Botox & Fillers

HIFU treatment is a contemporary procedure that uses ultrasound energy to define facial structures and enhance their features. It is a non-invasive technique that uses the body’s own generated collagen fibers as a stimulation, whereas botox and fillers involve injecting foreign substances to achieve the same results. Hence HIFU is more natural and long-lasting when compared to botox and fillers.

Does The Research Say That It Works?

Many reports say that HIFU facials work. A 2018 review looked at 231 studies on the use of ultrasound technology. After analyzing the studies that involved ultrasound for treating skin tightening, body tightening, and cellulite reduction, the researchers concluded that the technique is safe and effective.


The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery says that ultrasound skin tightening usually produces positive results in 2–3 months and that good skin care can help maintain these results for up to 1 year.


A trusted study source about the effectiveness of HIFU facials in people from Korea found that the procedure worked best to improve the appearance of wrinkles around the jaws, cheeks, and mouth. The researchers compared standardized photographs of the participants from before the treatment with those from 3 and 6 months after the treatment.

There is a lot of evidence that HIFU is an effective technology that can attract customers and bring you a decent income. Move your fingers to contact us and get your exclusive money-making artifact!

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