Get rid of the past how to get rid of tattoos? Professional Tattoo Removal Laser Machine BM23

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 Professional Tattoo Removal Laser Machine  BM23 

What is the Professional Tattoo Removal Laser Machine?

PicoSecond Laser is a quick and easy non-surgical, non-invasive laser skin treatment for the body including chest or decollete, face, hands, legs, and more.

Picosecond tattoo remover

working principle

PicoSecond Laser uses ultra-short pulses (one trillionth of a second in length) to hit the melanin with a great pressure, the melanin shatters into tiny dust-like particles. Because the particles are so small, they are more readily absorbed and eliminated by the body. This can mean better clearance of the melanin and less treatments overall.

Picosecond tattoo remover


Remove all kinds of embroidering eyebrow tattoo, embroider lip tattoo, soak lip tattoo, embroider eye line tattoo and lip line tattoo

-Epidermis and dermis pigment

-Nevus of Ota, blue naevus, black nevus, coffee spot

-Senile plaques, freckle, sunburn spot and chloasma

-Skin whitening and wrinkle removal etc

Picosecond tattoo remover


1 High-Tech

Picosecond laser machine used unique Honeycomb Focused technology to form a skin effect vacuolization,which can protect skin from damage during treatment.

2 Fast Effective

Picosecond laser machine make tattoo & pigment removal treatment process from 5 to 10 times reduced to 2 to 4 times,greatly reduce the treatment and recovery time,with fast and obvious effective.

3 Confortable & Safe

It can remove all kinds of pigment and tattoo effectively and safely,because picosecond laser use precise positioning of the target tissue therapy to reduce damage to the skin to achieve the freckle effect

4 No melanin precipitate

The Picosecond laser uses ultra-short pulses (one trillionth of a second in length) to hit the melanin with a great pressure,the melanin shatters into tiny dust-like particles,Because the particles are so small,they are more readily absorbed and eliminated by the body.It will significantly reduce postoperative swelling,melanin precipitate phenomenon.

Picosecond tattoo remover

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