Four steps to laser hair removal

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Summer is coming, I think you all want to be a naked fairy, not "kiwi fruit". Today I would like to share with you a few steps of laser hair removal

laser hair removal machine

Laser hair removal is generally divided into the following four steps:

laser hair removal machine

1. First of all, the hair should be shaved to the treatment area, and the hair should be shaved to about 1mm at the root of the hair, which should be slightly exposed, but not too short to be completely invisible. If time is not too late, it is recommended to go to the beauty salon or shave at home two days in advance, and then wait for hair to grow two days, you can almost go to the beauty salon for laser hair removal.

laser hair removal machine

2. Apply cold gel. Generally speaking, the vast majority of beauty salons, hospitals or medical institutions will choose transparent cold gel, will not affect the hair follicle melanin to the absorption of laser. Cold gel not only plays a role in lubrication, facilitating the rapid sliding of the instrument handle, but also can effectively protect the skin and reduce the risk of scald

laser hair removal machine

3. Laser hair removal. Place the treatment handle close to the treatment area, slide back and forth or cross, and repeat 6 to 8 times in the same treatment area. There are machines, though, and there may be fewer of them, such as the Lumenis' Lightsheer, which friends in the us report is only two to four attempts. Domestic laser depilators may be longer. However, the whole process is still very fast, the pain is not very strong, there will be a slight tingling sensation, within the acceptable range.

Can carry out local observation, if the treatment area has obvious reddening, hair follicle swelling, indicating that has reached a very good treatment end point, can stop. (you can use tweezers to test if you can gently pull the hair out of the follicle. If several hairs can be pulled out in the whole treatment area, the results are satisfactory and the treatment is in place.)

laser hair removal machine

4. Clean the cold gel in the treatment area and the head of the instrument to ensure the safety of the next treatment.

Small Tips:

If it is sensitive skin or for treatment of sensitive areas, such as bikini area, armpit, lip, etc., it is recommended to use ice packs for about 15 minutes after surgery to reduce pain and reduce the risk of scald. But it's usually fine

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