Derma roller for acne and scar

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After the age of 16, the androgen rapidly increases in the body, promoting the development of sebaceous glands and producing a large amount of sebum. At the same time, the sebaceous keratinization of the hair follicle cause blocked, the sebum excreted the obstacle, and gradually, there was a pimple. Although the pimple will disappear in the following days. But mostly the acne will stay, called Lunar Surface. Most people are troubled by this. So, in this article, following is one way to removal your scar and cane.

Derma roller price

Derma roller has good effect on scar and cane removal.

1.Suitable for all skin types, will not cause pigmentation;

2.Painless and can be used at home;

3.No down time, just with litter rush;

4.Low cost with microneedle therapy system.

Following is the treatment advice:

1.For the shorter needle lengths of 0.5mm, you can take one derma roller for 3-4 weeks; for the longer needle length 1.0mm to 1.5mm, we advice you to use 4-5 weeks.For more longer needle length above 2.0mm, we don’t think you can use by yourself which is for the expert. 

2. there are different types&material&color&needles derma roller 

on internet. In order to get good quality one, most important is with CE certification.

3.Sealed and Sterilized.

4.CE certification.

Hope this article will help you healing acne and scar derma roller, you can also find on Newangie company, various derma roller for your choice with CE certification.

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