Cryolipolysis machine for weight loss with effective result

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Cryolipolysis machine for weight loss with effective result

Cryolipolysis is a new weight loss treatment differing from liposuction, cavitation, Ultrasound lipolysis or RF.未标题-3-恢复的-恢复的666_07 

Cryolipolysis can selectively effect on target cellulite deposit and deal with it by refrigerating it closely to freezing point. The freezing will last just long enough to destroy fat cells but not long enough to damage the other tissue.


    The process goes gradually without harm to tissue and the body. This weight loss method can deal with the cellulite on abdomen, love handles, tummy tuck, bulge scar on cesarean incision, etc. Cryolipolysis has been cleared by FDA in cellulite reduction as well as the applications in dermatology treatment with cooling.


 It has been widely used in Europe, Asia, North America in recent years. The treatment probe of the cryolipolysis machine includes vacuum suctioning. The excess fatty skin is sucked in the treatment probe and refrigenated gradually by the cooling pads inside, which turns the liquid Triglycerides in fat cells into solid. It will be metabolized and cleared away naturally in the coming two months.


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