Cryolipolyse Machine

Application: Fat reduction, double chin removal 
Feature: 4 working heads can work at the same time 
Service: OEM/ ODM/ LOGO 
Certificate: CE 
Warranty: 1 years
  • ETG50-6S

  • Newangie

Cryolipolyse Machine

Cryolipolyse Machine

Advantages Of The Machine:

  • Double air pump with 14L water tank

Our machine is equipped with two powerful independent air pumps to ensure sufficient vacuum pressure.

  • High-quality materials

Medical silica gel is soft, allowing customers to feel comfortable during treatment.

  • 12-inch touchscreen

The settings can be easily adjusted.

  • A total of five working heads:

100mm, 150mm, 2*200mm, double chin mini head

  • 4 cryo handles can work at the same timeCryolipolyse Machine

    Cryolipolyse Machine

Cryolipolyse Machine

Cryolipolyse Machine

Cryolipolyse Machine

Cryolipolyse Machine

Cryo Handle Number

Totally 5 pcs working handles (Four handles can work at the same time)

Handle Sizes

Large handle: Treat area   (190*70*92mm) for belly, back, buttock etc

Medium handle: Treat area   (130*50*65mm) for waist, thigh etc

Small handle: Treat area (90*43*65mm)   for thigh, arm, crus etc

Double chin handle: (90*45*33.5mm)For   jaw or chin small parts etc


12 inch touch screen

Cooling Temperature

5 degree to -13 degree

Vacuum Output Pressure


Cooling System

Water cooling+Wind cooling+Semiconductor

Cooling Liquid

Pure water, with 4L pump

Default Working time

0-60 mins

Machine Power




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