Can you really wash your face?

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Many people don't care about washing their faces, either washing them with clean water or applying facial cleanser for a few seconds.

God, do you really feel that your face is clean?

Any skin care step is based on the premise of cleansing. If the face is not washed well, how talk about skin care.

In fact, there are 5 steps to wash your face correctly.


Step1. Use warm water

Whether it is summer or winter, try to wash your face with warm water.

Because the water vapor in the hot water will cause the pores to open and enlarge, it will also cause the skin's natural moisturizing oil to be excessively lost. Although cold water helps to shrink the pores, using cold water directly can’t guarantee the pores are fully opened, and the grease on the face can’t be washed away.


Step 2. Foam

When using a facial cleanser, make sure to apply foam on your palm before applying it to your face. If it doesn’t foam sufficiently, it won’t only not achieve the cleaning effect, but will also remain in the pores and cause acne.


Step3. Circular massage

Let the foam spread over the entire face in a circular motion, massage the cheeks first, then massage the forehead for a longer period of time, and finally massage around the eyes, corners of the mouth and chin, etc. The movements should be as gentle as possible, taking care not to apply too much force to avoid wrinkles. The general massage time is about 3 minutes to achieve a good cleaning effect.


Step4. Dry with soft towel or cotton pad

If you are used to using towels, you must choose high-quality towels on the face, press a few times to dry the water, of course, it is best to use cotton pads, will not hurt the skin.


Step5. Check hairline

After washing, you may think that the process of washing your face has been completed, but it is not the case. Also look in the mirror to check if there is residual facial cleanser around the hairline, this step is often overlooked by people. Some women are always prone to acne around their hairline, in fact, because they have neglected this step.

These are the usual cleaning steps. If the best cleaning is possible, use a cleaning machine.

Regarding the machine, most people will choose this cleansing instrument, but this cleansing instrument is still incomparable with a professional cleansing machine

Professional Skin Care Oxygen Facial Machine

oxygen facial (5)

Here is video of this skin care machine.

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