Best Opt E Light Ipl Laser Machine

Brand: Newangie 
Product name: Elight(IPL+RF) & SHR machine 
Application: Hair removal, Skin rejuvenation, Acne Treatment
Cooling system: Air cooling+water circulation cooling+semiconductor cooling 
Screen: 10.4 inch big touch screen 
Handle: Elight handle + SHR handle 
Certification: CE 
Warranty: 1 year
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Best Opt E Light Ipl Laser Machine

Newangie Elight(IPL+RF) & SHR machine working theory:
E-Light system uses the newest technology. It combines Optical (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) to deliver satisfying longer-lasting results. With this technology, clients can enjoy the results they desire regardless of the color of their hair or skin type.

Super Hair Removal (SHR) is an innovative treatment, which utilizes concentrated light beams to destroy the hair follicles. That means truly removing it from the root. Each pulse of light is an incredibly narrow, specific wavelength of energy that is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. The process gradually heats the melanin and hair follicles with effective heat buildup to destroy the hair for long-lasting results.

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Specification of Elight(IPL+RF) & SHR machine:

Wavelenght SHR: 650nm-950nm
Elight: 435nm/ 535nm/ 645nm
Elight (IPL+RF) spot size 18*30mm
SHR spot size 18*50mm
Screen 10.4 inch big touch screen
Cooling system Air cooling+water circulation cooling+semiconductor cooling
Output power 3500W
RF energy 10-50J
RF power 1MHZ
Pulse width 1-15ms
Voltage 220-240V/50-60HZ, 90-110V/50-60HZ