BIG discount on Chritsmas holiday

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End of the year, it’s a shopping season not only for the traditional consumption, is also the golden age of beauty. Recently, major merchants and sellers have launched promotional activities on the theme of Christmas and New Year's Day, with a more affordable price, they can be beautiful to greet the new year. Beauty you, what are you waiting for?

In order to feedback customers, Newangie have a big promotion on Christmas holidays, many hot selling machines are with aggressive price now, maybe you’ll find the best machines here with very good price. HIFU, Cryolipolysis, shock wave machine and body analyzer machine are the most main machines in this year, and all of them are on promotion.  it’s the best time to have such a great beauty machine now. And among all the promotion machines, I’d prefer the shock wave machine.

Shock wave treatment machine.jpg

Why shock wave?What advantages on shock wave? 

Shock wave treatment process is simple, non-invasive treatment, less damage to the patient, shock wave treatment equipment analgesic effect more obvious than other physiotherapy equipment, the treatment of frozen shoulder is particularly good.

The advantages of extracorporeal shock waves are: (1) minor damage, which can replace some surgical therapies; (2) generally use simple or no anesthesia; (3) have shorter duration of treatment and less risk and can be treated in an outpatient setting; (4) No special postoperative treatment, and postoperative recovery faster; (5) the cost of treatment is far lower than open surgery.

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