Are there any side effects of ultrasonic?

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Ultrasonic  has been certified by the US FDA, and has been recognized by major websites at home and abroad.

So does the ultrasonic have any side effects?


First of all, the ultrasonic  has no side effects, but the effect of the operation will be determined according to the operator's experience.


  1. Generally, the medical-physical technique is not familiar, the probe of the ultrasonic knife stays in a local position for a long time, and the high temperature for a long time causes blistering and redness of the skin

  2. Dry and dull. During the operation, the stratum corneum and the gel-proprotein fiber layer were destroyed, which caused the skin's ability to lock water

  3. It is not advisable to treat many times, but only 3-4 times in a lifetime. Otherwise there will be scars.

  4. Be sure to choose regular beauty salons and high-end machines when making ultrasonic blades.

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