Aqua Peel Machine Korea Skin Beauty Care System

Bottles: 4 bottles for different solutions
Operation screen: 10 inch color touch screen
Handles: Equipped 11 handles
Functions: Deep cleaning, skin rejuvenation
Features: Microdermabrasion skin rejuvenation
Application: Suitable for all skin types
  • SPA909F

  • Newangie

* 14 Kinds of functional handpieces, 3 kinds of PDT lights,4 solutions bottles, best configuration.

* Detailed operation videos and user manual, professional technical support.

* Crystal peeling combines the efficacy of Microdermabrasion, vacuum system, and new moisturizing system.

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Diamond Microdermabrasion Functions:

  • Face cleaning: microdermabrasion deep cleaning

  • To improve allergic skin

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Elasticity and firmness

  • Hydration, Moistening

  • Congestion and acne

  • Dark spots

  • Pigmentation

  • Pore size

  • Skincare


  • This best Microdermabrasion for acne face machine's equipped with 11 handles

  • Do ALL kinds of facial treatment. Easy to operate

  • Different handles of the facial machine could do different treatments, such as facial rejuvenation, deep cleansing, acne removal, skin moisture, etc

Handle Description:

  • 1. Master dermabrasion handle (with 16 different size tips)

    Deep cleanse and easy extraction of impurities and dead skin cells.

  • 2. Microdermabrasion Diamond Peeling handle (with 9 different size tips)

    Diamond dermabrasion work head can cover the dead skin cells, Effectively promoting blood flow to the skin.

  • 3. Skin Scrubber handle
    High-frequency vibration removes dead skin and blackheads to clean the face and tighten the skin. Can be used with gels, water emulsions, solutions, etc.

  • 4. Facial / Eye Ultrasonic handle (Face&Body)

    ultrasonic vibration, microcurrent opens the hair follicle, repair the skin, penetrate quickly, accelerate absorption.

  • 5. Microcurrent BIO handle

    MHz Bipolar handles for improving skin, combining solution or cooling gel to do the treatment.
    Bio wrinkles removal, tightening of facial skin, skin rejuvenation.

  • 6. Oxygen Spray Gun
    Nano-oxygen lance (deep skin rejuvenation / moisturizing) nanoparticles spray oxygen, Supply nutrients and moisture for the skin rapidly, smooth skin, lightening stains, skin rejuvenation.

  • 7. High Frequency handle ( with 3 different size tubes)

    Adding High-Frequency stimulating circulation and cell metabolism for a truly rejuvenated-looking skin result.

  • 8. PDT Light (with 3 colors)

    The LED emits light of a specific wavelength, directly on the facial skin, stimulating the skin to reenergize, making the skin smooth and full of white, maintain elasticity.

    Red light

    with 630nm wavelength,skin penetration depth: 1-6mm.

    for skin cell regeneration, repairing acne spot and scars, easing pains, skin whitening, enhancing skin elasticity.

    Blue light

    with 415nm wavelength, skin penetration depth: 1-2nm.

    for acne removal, eliminating pigment precipitation, inhibition of sebaceous gland, smoothing allergic skin

    Green light

    with 532nm wavelength, skin penetration depth: 0.5-2nm.

    for skin balance function, reducing grease gland excitation, stabilization, application of sensitive skin.

  • 9. Vacuum Pen ( with 3 different size tubes)
    Lymphatic Drainage.

Hydro dermabrasion ,diamond handle
Spray mist gun
Bio photoelctric / PDT
Vaccum 100Kpa
Power 300W
Ultrasound 1 MHZ
Max output 250VA
RF 5Mhz
Package size 130*58*50cm
Operate 10'2 Touch screen
Net weight 42KG

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