Affordable Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Laser Type: Nd: Yag Laser
Functions: Tattoo removal,spot clean, skin whitening
Wavelength: 532nm 1064nm 1320nm 755nm
Screen: 13.3'Color Touch Screen
Service: OEM ODM
After-sales Service Provided: Online support, Video technical support
  • BM24

  • Newangie

Affordable Laser Tattoo Removal Machine


Affordable Laser Tattoo Removal Machine – your cost-effective solution for efficient and reliable tattoo removal. This cutting-edge device combines affordability with advanced technology, making it an ideal choice for practitioners seeking a high-quality yet budget-friendly option.


Equipped with Q-switched technology, this machine delivers precise and targeted laser pulses to break down tattoo pigments effectively. The adjustable settings allow practitioners to tailor treatments based on the unique characteristics of each tattoo, ensuring optimal results.

Target a wide range of tattoo colors and types with confidence. This machine is engineered to handle diverse tattoo pigments, making it a versatile solution for practitioners addressing different client needs.


Compact and Portable Design: The compact and portable design of our affordable laser machine makes it suitable for practitioners with limited space or those who require mobility. Its lightweight construction does not compromise on durability, providing reliability in various clinical settings.