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Permanent makeup machine in some kinds is include as tattoo machine. For it is used some micro pigmentation to put it into the upper layer of people skin.

There are some confusions about the permanent makeup tattoo machine, let me make clear for you:

Does it hurt?

Normally, the cosmetologist will apply the numbing gel on your application place before do the permanent makeup procedure, after the function of numbing gel is out, you will feel less pain.

While if without the numbing gel it will be very hurt.

Which parts does permanent makeup could do?

1. For eyebrows, especially you do not have any eyebrows. Or you are not satisfied with your eyebrow shapes.

2. For lips, when you don’t have a good lip lines, that will be a good choose.

3. For eyeline, same as lips.

4. Some little tattoo characters and so on

Why you need do the permanent makeup?

1. When you want to have a good appearance everyday, and don’t have time to do makeup.

2. Some people love do the sports or some other kinds sweep ways, don’t want to apply again and again

3. Some special disease showed on your face appearance.

And our digital permanent makeup machine will do this for you.

Two pens work together, save time for beauty salon used, also with Micro needling system with skin smoothing.

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