A great spa should have what kinds beauty device?

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Dear clients, welcome come to Newabgie Website.

As a professional beauty equipment supplier with more than 10 years, we got some clients questions recently: what kinds beauty device should be available in a great spa? We think this is really a problem that confused a lot of spa owners. 

3d hifu beauty device

So, today, we want to offer some small tips.

1. Is your spa a very big professional one? Or just a small studio?

- for big spas, we recommend big vertical machines, can be single function, or multifunction model, this will help make your spa more professional, and can do more treatments

- for small studio, we recommend mini portable machines, this can save much money on cost and space

2. What's the major service item you want to offer in your spa?

- If major in skin rejuvenation:

  we recommend you the machines like Radio Frequency, 3d HIFU, oxygen infusion etc

- If major in body slimming:

  we recommend you the Ultrashape, cryolipolysis, lipohifu, cavitation, lipolaser etc

- If major in hair removal:

  we recommend you the IPL, SHR, 808nm diode laser


All machines have different models available, you can make decision according to your own budget or reference.

For more details, you can also contact us freely, we will offer more precisely advice according to your real conditions.

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