980nm vascular removal machine how is the effect?

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980nm vascular removal machine how is the effect?


First, let's briefly talk about the formation of red blood:


Red blood is a phenomenon of obvious redness and fever on the face caused by telangiectasia or systolic dysfunction after facial stratum corneum is damaged. Sensitive skin is particularly obvious because the stratum corneum is weak, and the redness of the sensitive skin is reduced, causing the skin to be more vulnerable, and the vicious cycle aggravates the red blood.


Let's take a look at the principle of 980nm vascular removal machines.


The laser has a selective photothermal effect. The laser of 980nm acts on the red blood cell part under a certain time and energy condition. The hemoglobin in the capillary absorbs the energy of the laser and solidifies, so that the capillaries are atrophied. This achieves the therapeutic goals of vascular removed.


Our 980nm vascular removal machines' Technical advantages

1. One touch disappears immediately, removes red blood, and does not leak. Once you go to red, it does not rebound. From then on, you can say goodbye to red blood.

2, the world's top fiber technology 100% to red blood, 980nm vascular removal machine is currently the only way to remove red blood. 

3, used import 980nm semiconductor laser, 10W / 20W / 30W optional power, the treatment effect is more obvious.

4, foreign fiber technology emits fiber energy of specific wavelength, precision light energy adjustment system, which makes the light energy more precise and precise treatment.

5, precision temperature control system, time detection instrument temperature, automatic high temperature alarm and control system to ensure that the laser works within the precise temperature range.


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