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 All types of hifu machines are included

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 One- to- one training guidance offered and marketing technical support

 OEM, ODM supported and multiple languages for distributors and agents

Whether you are a distributor or a beauty clinic, the HIFU machine is in the midst of today's healthy fat loss trend.
Higher Energy, Accurate And Deeper Energy Delivery
35% faster – The 7D HIFU enables short sessions thanks to its high repetition rate, continuous pulsed shooting, and saving the time needed to change cartridges through the availability of two handpieces.
One-Handed Control - The light gun-shaped handle of the 7D HIFU allows users to control it with one hand, eliminating fatigue during prolonged use.
Consists of 7 cartridge - they work at different oscillation frequencies and depths to help you treat with more precision.
Intelligent design - intelligent control, touch operation, visual interface, easy to learn, safe and convenient.