Portable Slimming Physical Therapy Aesthetics Machine RF CET RET 448khz Remove Visceral Fat Tighten Skin 45° Constant Temperature Fever Therapy RF315

Function:Face lifting/body slimming/Pain Relie
Technology: CET/RET/3D RF
RF frequency: 448K+20K
Treatment Time:0-30minutes
Input power: AC 110V~220V~50Hz/60Hz
Warranty: 3 years
  • RF315
  • Newangie



Customer Benefits:

  • Lipid management:

    Improve fatty liver and healthy body Shaping

  • Endocrine management:

    Regulate endocrine, improve uterine cold and gynecology

    lmprove the problems of chest falling and hyperplasia

  • Body temperature management:

    Increase the basic body temperature of the human body and regulate acidic physique

  • Pain management:

    Pain relief, blood lymphatic circulation purification, metabolism

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Beautician Benefits

  • Fast return on investment and stable income

  • Free one-on-one training with a licensed beautician

  • 24-month warranty and lifetime customer support

  • Customized service:OEM/ODM, LOGO , posters

  • Compared with other brands on the market, its absolute uniqueness is incredible.