Newangie® Android Portable EMS NEO Machine - EMS1

Product name: Android Portable EMS NEO Machine
Function: Muscle Sculpt, Fat Burn, Buttock Lifting, Weight Loss
Application: Beauty salon, clinic, spa, center
Power: 4500W ( Max )
Power Output: 1400W
Cooling System: Air cooling
Operation Interface:12. 1" Andriod system
Certification: CE approved
  • EMS1

  • Newangie


Portable: small space, easy to move

Multifunctional: RF function + no RF function.

Precise treatment: 4 connection lengths of body grip, personalised choice.

Intelligent storage: Real-time view of usage history and client parameters.

OTA over-the-air upgrades: intelligent parameter sharing, simultaneous updates of new functions and new extension hardware.


Body fat detection: Bluetooth connection to smart body fat scales, docking products, direct software viewing and analysis

Web office: email, data transfer, online communication, etc.

Portable devices: mobile phones, tablets, device interconnection

Intelligent home appliances: control of lights, curtains, audio, etc.

Wireless devices: wireless pedals, mice, projection, remote controls, etc.


Android portable ems neo machine  using magnetic force and micro-current micro-frequency technology, it can release micro-current micro-frequency at the same time as sending out magnetic high-frequency contraction signals, penetrate deep into muscle tissue, directly trigger motor neurons, and cause muscles to produce higher-frequency contraction in 30 minutes, destroying fat cell tissue , reduce the thickness of the fat layer, quickly see the effect of muscle growth, improve blood circulation in the body, stimulate muscle hyperplasia, and shape beautiful lines.





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