Freezefats Machine

Model: ETG50-9S 
Application: Fat reduction, double chin removal 
Feature: 4 working heads can work at the same time 
Service: OEM/ ODM/ LOGO 
Certificate: CE 
Warranty: 12 months
  • ETG50-9S

  • Newangie

Introduction to FreezeFats Machine

The pursuit of a sculpted and confident physique has driven the development of revolutionary technologies, and at the forefront of this innovation stands the FreezeFats Machine. This cutting-edge device represents a breakthrough in non-invasive body contouring, offering a safe, effective, and comfortable solution for targeted fat reduction

2023 Newangie Latest 360 Cryolipolysis Machine


The FreezeFats Machine harnesses the power of advanced cryolipolysis technology to selectively target and eliminate stubborn fat cells. By precisely cooling the targeted areas, the device induces a natural process known as apoptosis, causing fat cells to break down and be naturally eliminated by the body over time. This gradual process ensures that surrounding tissues remain unharmed, resulting in a smooth and natural-looking reduction in fat.




1. One 'push' one 'load' probe is easy to change, plug and play plug and play. Probes are safe and easy to use.

2 .360 degree refrigeration without dead angle, larger treatment area and the whole process of local freezing, with a                                   higher slimming effect.


3. Five levels of controlled negative pressure intensity for increased comfort and relief from discomfort during treatment.

4. The probe is made of soft medical silicone material, which is safe, colourless and odourless.


5. Four channels of cooling grease, four heads can work simultaneously or independent work, both convenient and save

treatment time.

6. Equipped with a special anti-freeze film to protect the skin. Avoid frostbite and protect the subcutaneous organs.


7. No recovery period: apoptosis allows fat cells to undergo a natural death process.

8. Depending on the connection of each cooling probe, the system will automatically identify the treatment area for each probe

based on the reduction of the subcutaneous fat layer.

9. Built-in temperature sensors ensure safe temperature control; the instrument has automatic water flow and water detection.

2023 Newangie Latest 360 Cryolipolysis Machine


2023 Newangie Latest 360 Cryolipolysis Machine

Product name 360 Cryolipolysis Machine
Display screen 10.4inch large LCD
Cooling temperature 1-5 gears (cooling temperature 1 to -11℃)
Vacuum suction 1-5 gears (10-50Kpa)
Setting time 1-99min(default 60min)
Input voltage 110V/220V
Output Power 1000W
Fuse 15A
Host size 50(L)×45(W)×107(H)cm
Air box size 72×55×118cm
Air box weight 20kg
Gross weight 80kg

The FreezeFats Machine embodies the future of body sculpting – a future that prioritizes safety, efficacy, and individuality. At Newangie, we're committed to providing clients with innovative solutions that empower them to achieve their desired aesthetic outcomes. Discover the transformative potential of the FreezeFats Machine and embrace a journey towards a more confident and contoured you.