Fat Burning Machine with Lasers

Technology: green laser therapy
Function: Weight Loss, Fat Removal, Pain Relief,SkinTightening
Wavelength: 405nm/532nm/635nm
Maximum reach of laser head: 110cm
Power: 120W
Warranty: 1 year
Service: OEM/ODM

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This is a new type of fat burning machine with lasers that uses the latest laser technology to help you achieve the ideal body of your dreams. This machine is not only a weight loss tool, but also a scientific method that uses precise laser energy to burn fat in a targeted manner, making your body slimmer and tighter.

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635nm diode laser fat burning machine is a safe and effective fat reduction tool. It uses laser technology to stimulate fat molecules in fat cells and convert them into burnable energy, thus helping to reduce the fat content in the body. This advanced cosmetic device is gaining popularity in the beauty industry, offering a safe and effective option for those looking to improve body contours and reduce cellulite.

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During use, the laser will be irradiated to the area that needs fat reduction, such as the abdomen, buttocks or thighs. The energy of the laser penetrates the skin and directly acts on the fat cells. This special laser is able to stimulate fat molecules in fat cells to convert them into burnable energy, thereby promoting fat burning and metabolic processes.

Compared with traditional weight loss methods, 635nm diode laser fat burning machine has many advantages. First, it is a non-invasive method that does not require surgery or injections. Second, the effect of the laser is local and will not affect the entire body, so it can accurately target the parts that need fat reduction. In addition, this laser therapy is painless and non-irritating, causing no damage or side effects to the skin.

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Product Feature

1. 635nm laser Slim treatment protocol has the client lie on a comfortable table for 20 minutes on each side while the six lasers are applied to the target areas simultaneously.

2. uses low-level laser treatment technology that emulsifies, or liquefies, fat.

3. slim laser system also proves as an effective treatment for the circumference reduction of the waist, hips, and thighs.

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This 30-minute treatment is straightforward and causes no discomfort. Your provider will have you lie on a comfortable bed on your back. The lasers will be applied to target areas of fat simultaneously for approximately 15 minutes. You’ll then lie on your front, where the process will be repeated.


Non-invasive: Our laser fat burning machine does not require surgery or injections, is completely non-invasive, painless and requires no recovery period. You can enjoy results in a short period of time without worrying about surgical risks or pain.

Customized treatment: Our machine can perform customized treatment according to your individual situation, accurately irradiating the target area to ensure the greatest reduction of fat accumulation and provide a more ideal shaping effect.

Long-lasting results: Compared to traditional weight loss methods, our laser fat burning machine provides longer-lasting results. By stimulating fat cells to release fatty acids and speeding up your metabolism, you can maintain your ideal body shape over the long term.

Safe and reliable: Our machine uses advanced laser technology and has undergone strict safety testing and certification to ensure that the treatment process is safe and reliable and will not cause any harm to your body.

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Maximum reach of laser hea


Angle adjustable of laser wings

100 degre

Weight of laser head


Maximum reach of Elevator


Size of screen

12.1 inches

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