Want to know what's wrong with your skin? Get skin problems with SA2

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Want to know what's wrong with your skin? Get skin problems with SA2

Many of the conditions that appear on the surface of the skin are caused by a variety of problems at the bottom of the skin, which are not easily observed by the naked eye. Therefore, neglecting the problem from the deeper layers of the skin will cause more problems on the surface of the skin. Newangie's professional facial imaging detectors detect skin problems that are difficult to see with the naked eye, suggesting future skin problems, alerting customers to timely prevention and suggesting targeted maintenance.

Working principle of skin analyzer:

Professional facial skin image detector is an ultra high definition facial image analyzer. It uses RGB, UV spectroscopy technology to fully detect the facials of beauty seekers, revealing skin problems that are difficult to identify with the naked eye.

Advantage of skin analyzer:

Clear observation of skin details

You can use a variety of different modes to get a clearer and more delicate image of the skin condition, so that you can more confidently propose targeted maintenance advice.

Tips for future skin problems

Allows you to see deeper skin conditions that are not visible under normal natural light. As a result, you can alert your customers to skin problems that are occurring on the face and suggest prevention or care.

Examination range of skin analyzer:

Pigmentation in the depth of the skin layer

Distribution of stains

Sun damage

Acne and blackhead acne

Distribution of free oil

Pore blocking

Keratinized skin parts

Poor circulation

Dehydrated skin

Lipid dry skin parts

Chestnut rash

Collagen loss

Sensitive thinned skin area

Wrinkle formation

Detailed skin surface texture

Fine grain shape

Uneven skin

Vascular condition

Rose spot

Skin irritation

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