Professional Portable Permenent 808nm Diode Hair Removal Machine

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Certification: CE
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Portable aser hair removal machine BM16 have 3 wavelength 755nm, 808nm and 1064nm. which has different laser characteristics. it can penetrate deep into the hair follicle directly, the heat of light will be absorbed by melanin , which will be decomposed and removed out of body by metabolism, then getting accurate and effective result.

Meanwhile, contacting surface cooling technology applied on the Sapphire Dual-ChillTip can eliminate the heat effect attributed to optical energy, greatly improving both the treatment performance and safety.


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1.Treat all kind of hair color from black hair to white hair
2.Treat all skin types from white to dark skin
3.No pain and shorter treatment sessions
4.Effective and safe treatment for permanent hair removal


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Portable laser hair removal machine comes with new technology combined 3 wavelength, as follow:
* 755nm lase:  for  thin hair  removal like and effective for hair of  light skin color,  like lips around hair, eyebrow and so on.
*808nm  laser : for almost most hair removal.
*1064nm laser: for hair of deep layer, the energy can go to deeper into the skin, so effect is very good for brown hair and deeper skin patients. 


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Portable Laser Hair Removal Machine Advantage:

1.  Language : Different for Choice
2. Sex: Men & Women
3. Different treatment area: Forehead, face, armpit, leg
4. Voice control when doing treatment
5. Suggestion parameter for each skin type and area
6. Safety:Relationship of energy, pulse width, frequency

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Detailed Parameters:


Laser hair removal equipment BM16


755nm, 808nm, 1064nm

Working frequency


Energy density


Spot size

15cm×15cm, 20*25cm, 25 x31mm

Output power

300w, 450w, 600w

Pulse width




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Using laser technology to remove unwanted body hair is effective & delivers results quickly.

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